Special Note= Some of the winners names may not be spelled correctly due to the way information was received. If you see any incorrect name please email to: [email protected] and we will make corrections.

Youth (5-9 years)

1st Place

Avery Locklear              Basketry

Kassidy Brewer             Beading

Kenlie Jacobs                Pottery

Parris Jones                  Mixed Media

Parris Jones                  Drawing

Eden Bergstresser         Painting


Teen (10-14 years)

1st Place

Maya McMillan               Drawing

Seraphim Locklear         Beading

Lahalie Devon               Mixed Media

Julisa Locklear               Painting

Sakiliah Bullard             Traditional

Haiden Hunt                  Painting


Junior (15-18 years)

1st Place

Cainan Patrick               Sculpture

Amaya Bullock              Beading

Hermione McLamb       Drawing

Journey Godwin            Painting

Joanna Chavis               Mixed Media


Teen (10-14 years)

2nd place

Aiyana Suarez               Drawing

Aiyana Suarez               Pottery

Lawson Patrick             Mix/Painting

Kiara Hammonds          Painting

Talzi Oxendine              Mix Media


Youth(5-9 years)

2nd place

Jacelynn Penny             Beading

Soloman Register         Painting

Lainnie Locklear            Drawing

Sylvia Locklear              Drawing

Latisha Bell                    Basketry

Abigail Branch              Mix Media


Junior (15-18 years)

2nd place

Hailey Oxendine            Painting

Kayleigh Deese              Mix Media

Ava Locklear                 Pottery

Cierra Jones                  Drawing


Youth (5-9 years)

3rd place

Amilya Jacobs               Mix Media

K.Oxendine                    Pottery

Haylee Locklear             Pottery

Braylee Harris               Drawing

Natalya Johnson            Beading

Sunnie Register             Painting

(Chloe Locklear on back of painting)


Teen (10-14 years)

3rd place

Helena Griffith               Mix Painting

Gabrielle Williams         Mix Painting

Serenity Grinsteaad       Drawing


Junior (15-18)

3rd place

Kirstan Dial                   Mix Media

Payton Revels               Drawing


Adults (19-54 years)

1st Place

Holly Gill                      Drawing

Wanda Attimore         Beading

Donovan Register       Painting


Senior (55 + years)

1st place

Lee Patrick                   Mix Media

Erica Purse                   Beading


2nd place

Alina Freeman                               Mix Media

Jala Richardson                             Basketry

Honorable Mention

Youth (5-9 years)

Sunny D. locklear                         Painting

Dannah Locklear                          Beading

Kaelyn Chavis                                Mix Media

Emberly Hunt                                Mix Media

Teen (10-14 years)

Rayjin Waters                               Pottery

Caylee Vaus                                  Pottery

Halona Strickland                        Mix Media

Makayla Carter                             Drawing

Brittany Hunt                                Beading

Junior (15-18 years)

Kylee Malcolm                               Drawing

Age 19 and up NONE